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Plant Health Promoter


Years of research and development yielded our proprietary formulation for BIOSCIENCES PHP. BIOSCIENCES PHP microbes cycle the nutrients found in the solution and solubilize minerals, making them more available for the plant. The microbes colonize the plant, suppress pathogens, and feed the plant, all while promoting its growth. By incorporating multiple strains with complimentary activities, BIOSCIENCES PHP has built all of these attributes into a single product formulated for Plant Health Promotion.


BIOSCIENCES PHP is a blend of spores of several Bacterial strains along with a highly concentration of lipopeptides. Once applied, they will create a biofilm on the plant roots and acts as a physical barrier to unwanted organisms. This association between the plant and biosciences strains ensures the plant will reap the additional benefits of the microorganisms in BIOSCIENCES PHP. These strains will prevent the proliferation of unwanted pathogens through the production of lipopeptides, accordingly water sanitizers can be stopped.

Product Profile



A compound of the best 5 types of bacillus bacteria

Turns soil into 100% organic soil.

Dismantling the major and minor mineral elements and converting them into a form that is easily absorbed by the roots.

It works to increase the size of the roots and increase the agricultural yield.

It works to increase plant immunity in resisting fungal and bacterial diseases

Dismantling and analyzing the organic fertilizer in a manner proportional to the age of the plant

PHP roots

"Our commitment to organic farming means that every product we offer is grown and harvested with care, ensuring that you can enjoy healthy and delicious options that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides."

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